Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The Rotten Eggs…

Eggs are very versatile food. We can boil it; we can fried t…so much to do with this simple egg. But very few people may have the experience of smell of rotten eggs. It’s such unpleasant experience to all of us. Some cases people use throw rotten eggs to show up there hatred or anger, few days back I heard very  sad incident of throwing eggs.

The University of Peradeniya consider as pioneering university in Sri Lanka. After the university of Colombo this is the second oldest university, this primarily based on the Mahawali river banks and mount Hanthana,The mesmerizing environment of the university is well famous.it s not only the environment the university itself has been contributing  in various aspects to  this country.
The Peradeniya University had its own culture, especially to the art and drama. This was the place where Dr .Sarathchandra produced his first stylist play Maname in 1956 to widespread acclaim. Maname is generally considered the first real Sinhala drama, signalling the transition from the Nadagam or folk drama to the modern theatrical drama format. It was praised especially for drawing influence from the traditional nadagam play style. He continued as a playwright, developing his play Sinhabahu in 1961, which is widely considered as his best work. 

Dr .Sarathchandra did not stop only producing dramas he also designed the open theater with in the undercity premises using the natural terein.this known as Peradeniya open theater  but more commonly to Sri Lankans it s  PERADENIYA WALA”.  This was Built in early 1950s, it is considered to be the only theatre of its kind in Sri Lanka. It was built according to the architectural style of ancient Greek theatres.
The performance space is a simple semi-circular one in the middle. It is called the orchestra. Spectators sit in the stone steps created at a slope of which produced a natural theatron, literally "watching place". It can accommodate a very large number of people. Acoustics play a vital role in its construction. Even the spectators in the extreme back row can hear the sounds clearly. Still, most of the dramas shown in the University of Peradeniya use Sarachchandra open-air theatre as their venue. Ediriwira Sarachchandra’s ground-breaking Sinhala play, Maname was first presented at this very theatre,

I never got an opportunity of studying in the University of Peradeniya,which is sad in a way. But yesterday I made me very sad because student f university of Peradeniya has thrown rotten eggs to the while it was staged the very own “Maname drama”..

Dr Sarathchandra was beaten while he was addressing I a meeting during the time of president J.Rjayawardena.but it says DR.sarathchandra smiled forgetting his all physical pains  saying this is an act of  politicians and their thugs..
But Dr Sarathchandra was alive today and heard throwing rotten eggs to the “The Maname Drama” for me its hard to imagine what will his reaction. This is just a one incident that what kind of graduates are producing in our universities.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The swan song………………

In Sri Lanka we don’t have swans often, but in Sinhalese Literature swans have been compared with voluptuousness of the female body.

We have poetry book  named “Hansa Sandeshaya”. This describes the swan as the messenger.
Hansa Sandeshaya authored by Weedagama Maithriya Thera is outstanding as one of the few Sandeshayas of poetic value. This is said to have been composed in the reign of King Wiru Perakumba, the eighth who ascended the throne in 1484.

Well what is about the swan? Which is not really native to this country? We don’t have fairy tales or flock stories about swans. Neither Ballet    such as Swan Lake or dying swan.

Even the black swan the movie was not very much popular in Sri Lanka. But we do appreciate the beauty of the swans.

It says that swans can divide the milk out of water. Traditionally swan is the symbol of beauty and grace.
Swan is a royal bird and it is even illegal to kill a swan in the United Kingdom.  Swans are present in many European fairy tales, symbolizing chastity, artistry, and beauty.  On a related note, swans are associated with fidelity, loyalty in marriage, and monogamy, because they mate for life.
The swan was seen as a traditional symbol of beauty and grace in ancient Greece, and was sacred to Aphrodite.  The swan was also sacred to Apollo, the god of music (among other things), in Greek mythology.  

The swan is a metaphorical phrase for a final gesture, effort, or performance given just before death or retirement. The phrase refers to an ancient belief that swans sing a beautiful song in the moment just before death.

In very literal way the” swan song “has become an idiom referring to a final theatrical or dramatic appearance, or any final work or accomplishment.

Two weeks ago I actually a swan song in Hyde park Colombo. This was sung by our former president MR. There were lot of supporters who were actually helping with music but our ex-President song was beautiful. After the political rally in 17th March the ex-president overwhelmed of seeing the people nearly about 15000.Most of them were brought by his supporters by giving food and transport. The organization of the rally was very successfully. But sad part is ex-president MR started believing again that he has the power of the people and uprising popularity but in reality is   losing his popularity every day. From presidential election to the general election he lost nearly one million votes.
While addressing the rally Ex- president MR give me the country back I‘ll show again how to run this country. As private citizen   I have bitter experiences of past 10 years of government. Majority of this country defeated twice in free and reasonable elections. Over 6.2 million of Sri Lankans do not want him back ever.
The amounts of the heads which have brought to the Hyde Park do not indicate the strength in an election. This was the mistake ex –president keep believing since the 2015 January. What really happened were those who vote against ex- president    started strengthening the anti –MR campaigns again.

Friday, March 25, 2016

The Elephant saga…………..

In Sri Lanka an elephant is not a rare thing to see. We have wild elephant’s as well tamed elephants that have ownership especially old rich families and temples. The new rich Sri Lankans it s good thing to have an at least baby elephant within their 60 -70 perches land in the middle of the city.it was a common practice during last  ten years and I have hear the sound of the baby elephant in Colombo 07,which is a high-end residential area in Sri Lanaka.

But if you really want to see wild elephants I suggest going Minneriya national park where you can at least 100-150 heard of elephants in dry season. Where you are really lucky you might see about 500-600 wild elephants in some occasion.Isn’t it amazing to see such large number of elephants in one place?

The Lonely Planet placed this amazing assembly of pachyderms as the 6th greatest animal spectacle in the world. 

As per the Mahavansa , the Sinhala chronicle Kandula is the most  famous war elephant .Some may known as “Kadol”

There are stories of Kandula same as Bucephalus when prince Dutugamunu was born, many items of value were said to have appeared spontaneously, which were found and brought in by various people as gifts to the newborn. Among them a fine elephant who was found by a fisherman named Kandula. 

The elephant was named for its finder and became the companion of Dutugamunu, serving as his mount during the wars that led to the unification of Sri Lanka.
There are so many stories of the bravery  of Kandula as a war elephant and how it fight with king Elara’s war elephant  Maha Pambata.

But King Dutugamunu did not named a city on behalf of Kandula as the great Alexander did  to his horse Bucephalus.

The Kandula being famous for fighting for humans.

 But the Panamure elephant is being famous for fighting for its own race.

 Capturing of wild elephants for trade, industry and cultural purposes had been an intricate part of the Sri Lanka over 2000 years. We have historical records of exporting tuskers and elephants to country as far as Rome and Greece through Muslim traders, a trade which was later adopted by the country’s colonial masters. But very recently in Sri Lankan at Galle face burnt massive number of illegal elephant tusks.

So that the   Kraals for elephants were widely practiced in Ancient Sri Lanka.The last Kraal was held nearly 60 years ago at Panamure. This is not a very old history, there are actual photographs of this Kraal and about 16 elephants were  captured .out of all elephants a brave elephant with magnificent size who admired the freedom rather being a slave to the human tried to break the fence of the Kraal. The Elephant fought for not only its liberty but also the others of the heard.

But this ended up shooting to the elephant. But it led to a public up rise and a red hot debate in the parliament which ultimately ended with the banning of elephant kraals in the country.

Panamure was a Kraal situated within the 99,000 acre forest land owned by Sir Francis Molamure.it had been a flourishing Kraal town since 1896, equipped with its own post office and police station and many businesses to accommodate the Kraal builder, elephant handlers, log cutters and many service men gathered to maintain this mammoth Kraal. 

But Panamure is a memory now. Gone are the elephants that roamed free in these jungles and the jungle itself. Just one or two of the upright post of the stockade are left and preserved in this town as historical mementos and they stand in mute testimony of an event that changed the fate of Sri Lankan elephants sixty years ago.

Instead of elephant Kraal now we have elephant orphanages.it s sad to hear this mammoth creature being an orphan in this country. The reason is rapid growing population took their forest and elephants were orphans without free lands to inhabit. If anyone visiting to Sri Lanka PinnaWala elephant orphanage will be a worth place to visit.

The other place Belongs to Udawalawa National Park. The Udawalawa “Ath Athuru sewana “where we can adopt a baby elephant and spend the expense to look after the baby elephant. But the little fellow belongs to the forest and it will stay in the national park. That’s a nice concept and there are many of my friends have adopted baby elephants.

But it’s strange some of  Sri Lankans  really wanted to have a baby elephant keeping at their garden instead at  a pet.Politicians ,magistrates judges  and  some monks enjoyed keeping  baby elephant at their home. Some very lucky children got a baby elephant as their birthday presents …!

Capturing wild elephant is illegal, although many people own domesticated elephants under special permits, as a symbol of wealth and power.

The sad part is people pretend so innocent even they know what they have done.
The saffron-robed monk told to reporters that he had found the two-year-old elephant abandoned at his temple in Colombo in 2014.

“I did not capture the elephant, it was left at my temple,” he said.
Wildlife officials say it is extremely rare to find a stray baby elephant in the wild. The hard truth is poachers usually kill the mother to snatch the young, which can fetch over 10 million rupees ($70,000).

Defiantly this monk does not follow Buddhism. I can be very sure about it.
However the elephant survey in August 2011 showed the country had nearly 7,000 elephants living in the wild, including about 1,100 babies. I don’t know what the exact figures are in 2016.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Light Weight………………….

Light weight………………….
When I was in my teenage I had a habit of reading each and every book which I don’t understand. I just read whatever available in the reach of my hand. Milan Kundera’s “The Unbearable Lightness of Being” was exposed to me during that time by mistake.

 I don’t know what I learn from it, but like Tomas in my early twenties I believed that sex and love to be distinct entities. Still I think some exceptional occasions it’s correct, but not with everyone. My understanding its very gender obsessed thinking. Mostly men consider sex and love is very distinct entities with very selfish grounds.

After reading “The Unbearable Lightness of Being” I did not feel any lightness. It was very confusing .Plus too heavy for mind I guess so.Dr Tomas, the womanizer what he is doing with wife? Even with that wretched dog? May be I was not mature enough to understand as well my  English not good enough  then I tried Sinhalese translation. Well to be honest it was the crappiest Sinhalese translation I have read in my whole life should I tell the translator as well? It was Mr .Gamini Wiyangoda.

But I must say movie was far better than the novel.It s because Daniel Day-Lewis's splendid performances.No wonder why he won Oscar awards for three times.For me the movie meant something than the book,

Do we ever able to feel lightness in life? Generally we are getting heavier and heavier with the age. We know our bones getting heavy with the age, then the mass.Those who very much figure conscious try various methods to obtain the light look of the body. Actually I tried some of common methods such as Yoga and heavy diet controlling I must say I was successful to some extend but what I lacking with me was continuation for a long run.

In architecture there is a very definite line between light looking buildings and heavy monumental buildings. There was a time in history the entire civilization was built over monumental heavy looking buildings. Pyramids in Egypt and South America still living proofs .Most cases rulers or kings, were   fascinated with heavy monuments and the people paid for it.Even in 21 st century this has not changed. Also it won’t change. It’s a statement to the leaders, they love it. The great civilization of the history such as Inca tried unbearable constructions of heavy pyramids and it caused of the collapsing indirectly.

History does not teach lessons to everyone.so we can see this mistakes are repeating more or less everywhere.

In Modern architecture there were very few architects were brave enough to raised monumental buildings and succefully ended .Out of all the first name coming to my mind is Architect Louis Khan. Architect Louis Khan actually lived in a with an unbearable lightness but designed monumental buildings to the poorest nations of the world. 

When the time the Bangladesh parliament was constructing the country was extremely poor. It’s was manual labor power and bamboo scaffolding. 
 Notable works of Louis Khan were monumental heavy looking buildings. 
But I must say Architect Louis Khan's life  had the" Unbearable Lightness of Being" through out his death.Those who watched his son's documentary  about his father will agree with  me."My Architect: A Son's Journey" by by his son Nathaniel Kahn, detailing the architect's extraordinary career and his familial legacy after his death in 1974.

The modern architecture mostly encourages light look of the building.to obtain this as architect we use various material. The light weight concrete relatively expensive material in the construction industry.
The use of LWC (Lightweight concrete) has been a feature in the construction industry for centuries, but like other material the expectations of the performance have raised and now we are expecting a consistent, reliable material and predictable characteristics.

Structural LWC has an in-place density (unit weight) on the order of 90 to 115 lb / ft³ (1440 to 1840 kg/m³) compared to normal weight concrete a density in the range of 140 to 150 lb/ft³ (2240 to 2400 kg/m³). For structural applications the concrete strength should be greater than 2500 psi (17.0 MPa). The concrete mixture is made with a lightweight course aggregate. In some cases a portion or the entire fine aggregates may be a lightweight product. Lightweight aggregates used in structural lightweight concrete are typically expanded shale, clay or slate materials that have been fired in a rotary kiln to develop a porous structure. Other products such as air-cooled blast furnace slag are also used. There are other classes of non-structural LWC with lower density made with other aggregate materials and higher air voids in the cement paste matrix, such as in cellular concrete.
In 1984, Thomas A. Holm estimated that there were over 400 LWC bridges throughout the world especially in USA and Canada. The research carried out by The Expanded Clay and Slate Institute proves that most of the bridges appeared to be in good condition.

The architect Santiago Calatrava has a reputation of using light looking concrete in many of his projects. He designed bridges like sculptures.Those are extremely beautiful infrastructures. But very few countries can only think of building such great pieces. Those are so expensive.

Actually th

e site where I work we have some structural light weight concrete proposals and during the month of December I spent most of my time to complete the details drawings and finally ended up with successful story. Those are very small scale light weight concrete geometries. But it was not a light job…….